L&L’s Mari Alschuler Reveals the Story of “Revealed”


Mari Alschuler, L&L contributor, is an associate professor of social work at YSU.

In a dystopian future, everyone in New York City must carry a gun in Mari Alschuler’s story, “Revealed,” recently published in Lock n Load: Armed Fiction, available from the University of New Mexico Press.

Alschuler said as a young college student she walked through the city, rode the subways every day, and saw “the dangerous aspects, including the rampant drugs and prostitution.”

Another anthologized story, “Patsy Cline Rolls Around in Her Grave,” took place in the town of Gulfport, off the coast of Florida. The story was published in 2017 in the anthology “Dispatches from Lesbian America.” According to Alschuler, the story follows a single woman who visits her two friends, a lesbian couple, on Valentine’s Day. The friends attend a show put on by a Patsy Cline impersonator, which is based somewhat on Alschuler’s real-life experiences.

Alschuler read both stories in February at the YSU Barnes and Noble. The audience really enjoyed both stories and “laughed at all the right points,” she said. “It was a totally different mood for each story, almost an entirely different atmosphere, like night and day.” 

There was much more discussion following “Revealed” since much of the audience felt the themes were still relevant. “The point the audience got that I agreed with was that, considering I wrote the story more than 30 years ago, how prescient the story was.” 


About BettyJoyce Nash and Deirdra McAfee

BettyJoyce writes lit-fiction and journalism; she teaches at WriterHouse in Charlottesville, Va. Deirdra McAfee writes lit-fiction, and teaches at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond, Va.
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